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Modern Agile ways of working emphasize the benefits of bringing together business representation (Product owners) with development teams. This means everyone is focused on a shared understanding of “value”: identifying who the product is for, what the user is trying to achieve, and how this benefits the business/organization.

Just as Agile practitioners have matured, business and product practitioners have also evolved, acknowledging the need to observe, to understand, to hypothesize, and to get feedback from customers. Design professionals realize the important truth: we are not our users. User experience professionals are using design thinking methods to glean insights into how…

Feedback is an accepted indicator of continuous improvement and is the topic of many Leadership, HR, and Change Management books. Most would agree that getting feedback is an important accelerant for professional and personal growth. Yet, most people are not good at giving feedback, oscillating between opinionated generalities to premature remediation. This often leaves the receiver with one of two choices, blindly accepting the feedback without critically processing the information internally or seeming defensive in order to provide their own point of view. …

Influencing the conversion from cooperation to collaboration

Note: This is a co-authored post with Olivia Vick.

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The ability to work with others effectively is even more powerful in 2020, with many meetings occurring remotely. To make up for the loss of in-person interaction, we must be extra attentive to gather the information we would normally get from meeting in person. But even before we were relegated to remote meetings, the importance of working in teams was a popular topic. …

Hint: Pragmatic cooperation has its own space in the workplace.

This post is co-authored with Olivia Vick.

Do you find yourself exhausted after a day of work? Are you frustrated with ambiguous tasks and late or no feedback? Day after day are you feeling unmotivated and disconnected from your team and your projects? Many people are recognizing in the work from home environment that your experience and mood at work affect your personal life — which can be both negative and positive.

If you could feel more motivated and happy in your work while delivering better products faster, wouldn’t you want to make the change? One key to this desirable…

A Lightweight Model for Real Change at All Levels of an Organization

In the past two decades, 75% companies worldwide have tried to gain the advantages of agility — primarily, acceleration of speed-to-market. The ability to accelerate the delivery of products and services is dependent on a number of internal and external variables, and more importantly the combination of those variables — which interact in complicated, systemic ways. Some examples of those variables are: the balance of market research and sales on a product portfolio strategy, the technological capability to adapt to new requests, the need to incorporate new technology while maintaining current offerings, and the ability to scale including ever evolving…

Hint: Inclusivity isn’t skin-deep.

(Note: This post is co-authored with Deneisha Franklin)

At first glance, we are getting better at creating more inclusive work environments. Research in 14 countries shows that 96–98% of large companies (above 1,000 employees) have Diversity Programs (Boston Consulting Group, February 2019), and many organizations have begun to proudly visualize people of colour and gender in their imagery. But maybe image isn’t enough. Yes, 38 of the Fortune 500 have women leaders in 2020 (three are women of colour, but none Black or Latina). Yes, 34% of the Fortune 500’s board seats were held by women…

Charlotte Chang

Charlotte is an Organization Design Coach who specialises in People Centered Business Agility and Product Thinking.

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